Bone Health Screening in Jackson & Flowood MS
Check Your Bones’ Health & Get A Bone Density Scan

Why Do I Need Bone Health Screening in Jackson MS?

Bone Health

As a result of Menopause and other family history conditions, women are subject to the deterioration or wearing away of the bone density and strength. Your bone health is important to us and you too. As people age, bone mass is lost faster than it’s created.

Some risk factors for osteoporosis are out of your control, including:

  • Your sex. Women are much more likely to develop osteoporosis than are men.
  • Age. The older you get, the greater your risk of osteoporosis.
  • Race. You’re at the greatest risk of osteoporosis if you’re white or of Asian descent.
  • Family history. Having a parent or sibling with osteoporosis puts you at greater risk, especially if your mother or father experienced a hip fracture.
  • Body frame size. Men and women who have small body frames tend to have a higher risk because they may have less bone mass to draw from as they age.

Bone Density screening is offered for women who are at risk for Osteoporosis and can be scheduled to be done in the office. Your bone density can be measured by a machine that uses low levels of X-rays to determine the proportion of mineral in your bones. During this painless test, you lie on a table as a scanner passes over your body. In most cases, only a few bones are checked — usually in the hip, wrist and spine.


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