Gynecologist in Jackson MS

Understanding Gynecology Services

Gynecology is the field of study focusing on the specific health needs of women, from puberty to child-bearing to menopause. The physicians of East Lakeland provide diagnosis and treatment of the disorders of the female genitourinary tract, including but not limited to infertility, abnormal cycles, vulvar disorders, menopausal concerns, and cervical dysplasia.

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Rejuvenation of the vaginal wall to help with a multitude of gynecologic issues, including improving orgasm. 
SottoPelle Hormones

Bio-identical hormone replacement pellets.


Evaluation for abnormal Pap testing.


In-office diagnosis and treatment of cervical dysplasia.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy

In-office evaluation of the inside of the uterus.

Robotic surgery

Minimally invasive surgery using the DaVinci robotic system, significantly improving outcomes and recovery times for gynecologic procedures.


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