O-Shot® Treatment in Jackson MS

How Does O-Shot Treatment Work?

East Lakeland is excited to offer our patients the O-Shot ® in Jackson MS, a revolutionary procedure that increases sexual satisfaction, decreases urinary incontinence, and has been shown to improve a variety of gynecologic conditions, such as decreased libido, vaginal dryness after menopause, lichen sclerosus, lichen planus, chronic pain from obstetric lacerations, chronic interstitial cystitis.

How does it work?

The O-Shot® involves the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP contains stem cells multiply and grow new younger tissue. The O-Shot ® procedure works by using PRP to stimulate stem cells to grow healthier vaginal tissue. And, the whole procedure for processing the blood and injecting the growth factors is done the same day of the procedure, in approximately 30 minutes, in the doctor’s office.

What is the procedure?

First the doctor or nurse applies a numbing cream to the vagina. Then blood is drawn from the arm in the same was as with any blood test. Then, using a centrifuge and a special method, platelet rich plasma is isolated with the resultant growth factors. Then, using a very thin needle, the growth factors are injected into the clitoris and into the upper vagina into an area most

important for the sexual response, the O-Spot. Because these areas have been numbed with the anesthetic cream, the woman feels little or no pain. The procedure may need to be repeated after several weeks for maximum response.

A consultation can be made with a certified O-Shot ® provider in Jackson MS to discuss if this procedure is right for you.


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